Mihail Mitev

Mihail Mitev

I have always admired the saying “talk less, do more” but sometimes people need to post some information about them in order for others to be able to build some negligible impression. So some facts related to my personality I am born in Bulgaria but deem myself a global child and this because I am curious and I feed this curiosity by constantly reading books, magazines and articles which shape everyday my world outlook. My curiosity also took me to Denmark where I did my second master degree and thanks to the ERASMUS program I had the chance to spend one semester in Germany as well. I also have more than 5 years professional working experience and currently I am working at big, international company, probably now you are wondering how I manage to combine both my professional and NGO activities – refer to the saying at the beginning.

I decided to dedicate myself to non-profit sector because I believe that this is a chance but not for me. I and my friend founded Active Future because we wanted to give chance to others and to help society live in one better, greener and more equal world.

You can contact me at: mihail.mitev@activefuture.org

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