Giovanni Nikolov

Giovanni Nikolov

I am the day-dreaming visionary type of guy, who wants to change things for the better. So far I have not succeeded by much, but I am trying the best I can.

Short for my bio:
1989 – 2008 Born and raised in Smolyan, Bulgaria
2008 – 2011 BA in International Management, Aarhus University, Denmark
2011 – 2015 Gaining experience through trips around Europe, Volunteering for Crossing Borders – Denmark
2015 – 2016 MSc in Environmental and Resource Management, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg

I would describe myself as a descendant from the hippie era and all its cultural influence on the Western society. I have interests in both eastern and western cultures, subcultures and supercultures. I always seek for best practices from around the globe that could be adapted to the local area.

You can contact me at:

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