How to Double Global Food Production by 2050 and Reduce Environmental Damage














The statistics are simple. The world’s population increases. Currently, about 1 billion people worldwide are starving. At the same time, the food production chain is one of the main factors for over-exploitation of the planet – it goes hand in hand with deforestation, land degradation, high water consumption for irrigation,  high amount of CO2 emissions and lots of non-organic fertilizers. The statistics do not look rosy, but there are solutions to it. The important thing is to find someone to listens and understands the solutions and later implement them.

International research team at the University of Minnesota led by Jonathan Foley, has reached the conclusion that it takes five steps to solve the problems with the current food production chain and the damage it causes. Here they are:

  1. Improvement of the yields of cereals (more efficient use of arable land)
  2. Less meat consumption(average vegetarian diet includes about 130 to 180 kg of grain per year, while meat eaters consume about 900 kg of grain pre-chewed and digested by cows, chickens and pigs)
  3. Reduction of the food lost throughout the chain (you can read this article about it)
  4. Stop the deforestation of tropical forests (in 2004, only in Brazil around 500,000 small farmers have every one of them on average destroyed about one hectare of forest)
  5. More rational use of water and fertilizers.

More details with maps and charts on: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

The Other Inconvenient Truth – TED lecture by Mr. Foley:


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