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Active Future love books, and we love stories, and questions and we don’t always care too much for the RIGHT answer… and we love chocolate (but that is a different story) and we love sharing. If you put together all of this, it looks like we are really into Education (at least the way we see education – stories, questions and chocolate). Active Future works to give chance to all (old and young, from close and far) to get access to proper education. That is why we have started our educational project – World Learns Together.

What is it? World.Learns.Together (WLT) is an online educational platform that aims to solve the knowledge gap faced by people in less privileged social and economical conditions. The project identifies educational problems and creates a network of professionals that can provide the necessary knowledge.

How it works:

The Problem

The majority of the people on the planet live in poor communities without access to proper education. There is a great information gap that restricts the development of the people in rural and urban low-income communities. Large number of people around the world do not have access to proper information for various subjects – economics, health, human rights and even basic literacy skills. The lack of knowledge keeps people in the poverty gap.

The Solution

WLT aims to fill-in the information gap and help people escape poverty. First, WLT identifies what information do the people from different demographic and geographic groups lack. Once we know what do the people need to know in order to boost their development, we engage in finding the most suitable ‘educators’. The educators are professionals in their areas. They work in cooperation with WLT team to develop and record video courses and assessments that would be delivered to the beneficiaries. Finally, WLT delivers the courses through a wide network of ‘on-ground’ organizations. In short, WLT creates and delivers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that are specifically designed for the needs of the world’s less privileged population.



The languages are what open our doors to experience, learn and rediscover the world around us. Every language that you speak is the key to a whole new world of stories, knowledge and wisdom that will open for you. So, how many languages do you speak?

Active future offers language courses in English and Bulgarian for foreigners. Our classes are with focus on speaking and building the confidence to use the new language. You will learn some grammar, a lot of vocabulary and tonnes of culture norms, stories and songs.

Our teachers are dedicated, motivated and inspiring and they will make sure to help you on every step in this new adventure!

We work with students of all ages, so just stop by or drop us a line if you like to join our classes.

See you soon!

До скоро.

You got a great idea for a project related to Education? Or you have something to share? Let us know!

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