Green is the new black

Like it or not, our sweet home mother Earth could change dramatically, unless we do something about it. “Yes there is global warming” or “no, not really”… we are not going to go down that rabbit hole. The truth is – humans are messy, and we are not really aware how to coexist with the rest of the creatures sharing our planet. And it is really not a lot that we should do to ensure sustainable future for all. Active Future believe that if everyone does the little bit one is supposed to do, things will be different. At the end of the day we are doing it for our own planet!

And let’s not be shy – we love nature with all of its peculiar creatures and awkward forms.

Driven by our love and consciousness, Active Future, decided to run few projects that will teach young and old how to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, how to take good care of our planet and how to make sure that our lovely blue planet will be here tomorrow, too.

Become Green Teacher

To recycle is easy. The hard part is to develop the habit of doing so. We know that children are probably the best teachers ever so we decided to hand them the task to teach their families how and why to recycle. How do we do it? We go to schools, meet our future “green teachers” in grades 1st to 5th and educate them on how to be the next generation heroes, or as we call them: green teachers. Then we let them use their charm and change the direction of the world.

Do you have any other cool ideas how to keep our planet green, blue and lovely? Come and tell us! We will give you a hand to make your idea come true!

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