How it works

“Simplicity is beauty.”

Active Future tries to employ the principles of simplicity in every stage of out work.

Years ago, while Active Future was only an idea, the founders of the organization (by that time exploring all the different places on the Earth) struck on a discovery. And as it happens in the movies – all of them got their eureka moments independently. We realized that quite often when a NGO, a corporation, a state or any other player decides to “save the world” they identify the problem, propose the solution (the right one according to their viewpoint) and (in some cases) act on it. Lovely! However, something is missing. Sometimes, the ones who know the best solution to a problem are the people experiencing the problem. Of course this may not be the case in every situation but it holds right in fairly big number of cases. Active Future follows the bottom up approach. This is why we have decided to take a step backwards before providing the “ultimate solution”. We first ask the affected group of people what is it that they need in order to create the world that they’ll like their kids to inherit. Once we get the answer, we work on a strategy to provide the solution.

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