About us

Close your eyes. Imagine a perfect world! Now come and share what you’ve imagined with us!

Active Future works for creating the perfect world that you imagine! We gather people’s dreams and ideas, collect them with great care and put them together, like we are building a puzzle, just to create a beautiful and fair tomorrow!

And now, if you have a big matrix that helps you get through life, and try to fit us in one of the columns there – education, environment, entrepreneurship, youth, social integration, regular NGO or irregular group of young activists, etc., well we are sorry to disappoint you, but we do not fit in boxes, neither we follow frames. We are here to create new realities; alternative ways; fresh smiles; and to build up on your ideas for a bright future. Sometimes we follow old, well-forgotten paths, sometimes we make our own trails through the bureaucracy of the states but we always find a way around to reach for the stars. Because we believe in the potential – we believe that everyone has the potential to dream, to create, to be the change.

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