Interview with Levi Kapllani after the first phase of the project “Alternative B”

After the first phase of the project “Alternative B – Green actions for social change”, we decided to contact few of the Active Future participants, sent to the training course in Esbjerg, Denmark. Here are the answers of Levi Kapllani:

  1. Tell us more about the project “Alternative B” and your participation in it?

The Alternative B project aims to help new social entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice.  During the short course we got to learn many new concepts that will help us on the way with our individual projects and got feedback from a pretty diverse team.


  1. What type of social enterprise idea are you working on?

I am working on a website application which will be called picocode and aims to teach basic coding concepts to kids. Giving that our society suffers from underemployment as it does from unemployment, this app will increase the numbers of students following computer science in the future, thus, decreasing the underemployment gap in tech companies.


  1. What did you learn for the time spent in Denmark during the course?

I learnt many business terms that I need to use to make my idea look clear and with a great potential to be successful such as how to make a business plan, a SWOT analysis or a LEAN diagram.

  1. Tell us more about Denmark? What is it like?

I didn’t get to see much from Denmark, but from what I saw I enjoyed the cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere.


  1. What would be your next step in relation to this project?

Giving that my project is also my senior project I’m following a different approach from the traditional one. I’m working on making the app first and then thinking of all the other steps.


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